One of the most popular elements of any home is often the kitchen backsplash. Backsplashes are practical and desirable because they protect the walls from stains and water damage. But the benefits of a tiled backsplash don’t stop there.

Installing a kitchen or bathroom backsplash can make a real impact on the look and feel of your home, here are several things to consider when shopping for a tile backsplash.

A backsplash adds a personal touch to the room’s style

Your walls are open canvases and you can add your style to them with paint but nothing adds a stylish and personal touch like installing a backsplash with unique tile that speaks to you and your personality. There are endless tile choices, let your imagination and creativity be your guide and you can have something truly unique to you and your home.

Not all tiles will eliminate stain risks or be easy to maintain

If you love to cook and hate to clean be careful which tiles you choose for your kitchen backsplash. Not all tiles are great at reducing maintenance and certain tile choices could actually add to your maintenance workload and schedule instead of reducing it.

For instance, while we love the look of natural stone, stone and marble are naturally porous materials so they are susceptible to staining and require scheduled maintenance with specialty cleaners and sealers. Small tiles may also end up needing more maintenance because they will have more grout joints and that’s where grease and dirt like to take up residence.

If maintenance is a high priority for you, we recommend ceramic, porcelain glass or even metal tile. Because these materials are non-porous, stains will not be able to penetrate the surface of the tile. We also recommend an upgraded grout for backsplashes, one that has stain-resistant technology built-in. One last thing to consider if you are concerned with less maintenance, the larger the tile the less grout joints and therefore the less maintenance needed.


Think long term

Whenever you are investing in your most valuable asset (your home) you should make sure you are considering the long term impact. For example, if you plan to live in your home for a very long time you most likely do not want to be remodeling every few years due to rushing a decision as large as tile selection or which tile contractor you hire. It would be a shame to choose something just because it is on sale only to later find out there was a reason it was on sale or you really did not like it and are now either stuck with it or have to spend more money to change it out to something you will truly enjoy.

On the other hand, if your home is temporary and you plan on putting it on the market within a few years, tile choices should be less about what you want and more for the general public. Choose neutral colors and tile that appeal to a larger group of people, think subway tile instead of mosaics. Subway tile is a classic look that has stood the test of time and is always in style.

When considering a tile contractor to install your backsplash, do not rush to make your decision or choose based solely on something as fleeting as price. We understand HGTV makes it appear as if something like a kitchen backsplash can be installed, grouted and ready for action in just a couple hours, but that is not the case! They call that TV Magic in Hollywood but in the real world there is a lot more involved in producing quality work that will last for generations to come.

Ask contractors what methods and materials they will be using. What grout and why? How about silicone caulking, will they use it in between the wall and the countertop? Or will they be grouting that joint? If they are removing an old backsplash, how will they protect the cabinets and countertops? How about protecting the rest of the home from fine dust? These are all valuable points to consider and make sure you get the answers you need.

Recent Tile Backsplash Projects

Olya Xa

This is the best contractor I've used so far, fast response, very clean and respectful. Our new bathroom and porcelain tiles look just perfect, thank you!

J. W. Dalton

Shark Tile did an excellent job on our kitchen backsplash, entryway floor, and entire bathroom renovation. Anton and his crew were able to tackle any job that we threw at them, from floor replacement, plumbing, tile & grout, to tub/vanity installations, and more. Anton began the process by promptly returning my phone call and providing an accurate quote, much in line with a couple other bids I received. He stuck by his numbers unless I requested a deviation, in which case he would provide an estimate and we would come to consensus before beginning the additional work. The tile work demonstrates true craftsmanship (as shown by the pictures), akin to that of an artist. Anton and his crew treated the job, our house, and our family like they were their own. There could be a bit of an improvement on punctuality and general timeliness, but considering they were coming in from Empire each day and the high level of quality and craftsmanship, I can’t hold it against them. Jobs done right take time. Thanks again Shark Tile!

Marcy Rubic

Excellent service. Would highly recommend. Super easy to work with. Very detailed and high quality service. Did a great job with new fireplace stone. Removed old tile and replaced. Was very conscientious of work. Cleaned up very well after the job.

Joslyn Doerge

Very professional Bathroom Tile Service. I highly recommend them. Thank you Shark Tile!

Stacy Smith

Did great work tileing my batroom! Clean timely and excelent craftmanship!

Brennon Sullivan

Fantastic company. Shows a lot of Drive. And a touch for detail. Lots of knowledge in this trade. Beautiful finish work.

Dylan Bowman

Excellent work! Clean and professional, will definitely rehire.

Ryan Dal Pozzo

Did an amazing job on my kitchen backsplash! Will be using Shark tile again soon. Highly recommend. Thanks again

Anthony Belletini

Did a great job! Our bathroom looks amazing and did a great job cleaning up afterwards. Definitely recommend

Dillon McKeon

They came on time very respectful job was done on in time thanks guys!

Patrick Test

Clean and neat, finished my bathroom on time. Will hire again.

Curt L.

Drywall Repair and Texturing

Anton performed several repairs for us including drywall patching, tile replacement, redo closet floor and hardwood repairs. His work is very high quality. He provided a detailed quote with cost breakdown before work started. During work everyone wore masks for COVID, put down drop clothes to minimize the mess, removed shoes when muddy and cleaned up thoroughly. Highly recommended.

Jennifer M.

Tile Installation and Replacement

Anton’s company did a great job... they really are a PRO tile service. The guys were hardworking friendly, and wanted to ensure the tile looked perfect! They were super efficient with the demo and install and we couldn’t be happier with the finished product!

Nam T.

Tile Installation and Replacement

Anton did an amazing job on our kitchen backsplash! He was very detailed and even followed up a few days later to make sure we were pleased with the work. We would definitely use Shark Tile LLC again on a future project.

Kevin M.

Tile Installation and Replacement

These guys are very impressive in craftsmanship, customer service, friendliness, and passion for their craft. They did a 'top flight job! I highly recommend them.

Dwight P.

Bathroom Remodel

I am generally happy with the job. Anton and crew worked hard and came back as promised to tie up a few loose ends. The final bill was a bit more than the estimate but there was an unforeseen issue that required the extra work. In addition, Anton agreed to help me with a little problem in the kitchen at no charge (the job I hired him for was the master bath) so I thought it was a fair deal. I am very pleased with the outcome and I will hire him again for my next job.

Brett F.

Kitchen Tiling

Anton did a kitchen backsplash and a unique table tiling job. We loved working with him. Super professional and did great work. He even brought my 2yr old son a toy on his second day on the job. Highly recommended

Josh Y.

Bathroom Tiling

Anton and crew did solid work on a really tough job in an old house with weird angles, not straight walls. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.

John M.

My new tile backsplash in my condo bathroom is wonderful. The installer was very professional and worked hard all day with little to no break with two other guys. They were highly skilled and explained the use of various materials. I am very pleased with the tile floorings results, and will rehire for future projects

Brad H.

Tile Installation and Replacement

Thought he did a good job, communicated well and worked hard

Scott B.

These guys do excellent work. They arrived on time, did the job efficiently and finished ahead of schedule. Very precise and detailed, and a good value too. Highly recommended!

Gary S.

We have had 2 bathrooms and master bath redone by the Shark Tile. If you are looking for a professional, quite, neat, patient, and nice person Anton is the right man. The estimate was very reasonable. He arrived every day on time and clean up every night before he left, you can't even tell there is a contractor at your home. I changed the lay out so many times, but Anton was patient and was precise with every little detail. If you want it done RIGHT, these are the guys to get it done, I highly recommend them!

Ryan A.

Did a great job on my bathroom and kitchen backsplash. Highly recommend

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